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Ny Form Troll 195

Ny Form Troll 195
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Ny Form Troll 195

Handmade unbreakable trolls made of natural materials. Valuable international collector's item. Original Norwegian design.

Height: 11 cm.

All Troll NyForm have NyForm certificate of originality. The material used to build the little trolls are all natural, made from some trees of the forest and substances from the soil. They are shaped and finished by hand. Over time, it will be possible to discover that every Troll aging in a different way. Each troll that is produced, requires a considerable amount of work. First of all, the artist transforms his ideas into three-dimensional characters, and for this to be ready for production, it takes a few weeks. Begins at this point along the manufacturing process, through various stages, some kept secret, in order assumes its individual characteristic. 

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