Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic - H - Augsburg, Steel

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Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic - H - Augsburg, Steel, very authentic replica of an Imperial Gallic H helmet. The original was found near Augsburg, Germany.

Included is a padded cap. Not included, but available separetely is the horse-hair plume and the brass holder.
for head circumferences up to 60 cm
long distance (front to back): approx. 21.5 cm
short distance (ear to ear): approx. 19 cm
weight: approx. 1.5 kg
- Material: steel and brass fixtures.
- Type: Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic - H -  Augsburg, mid-first century legionary helmet.
 - The plumes can be fixed on the helmets by using our plume-holders for Centurio or Optio, Internatl diameter of the bend: approx. 16cm
Width of the metal frame: approx. 4cm - Length of the hairs: approx. 10.5cm - Weight: approx. 350 g.
 Not included, but available separetely is the  horse-hair plume:
  • - Roman metal plume, crista, red
  • - Roman metal plume, crista, blond
and thebrass holder:
  • - Holder for metal-plumes, straight (Optio).
  • - Holder for metal-plumes, across the helmet, (Centurio)
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The Imperial helmet-type was a type of helmet worn by Roman legionaries; it replaced the Coolus type, and constituted the final evolutionary stage of the legionary helmet (galea). The exact form or design of the helmet varied significantly over time.
This helmet is similar in design to the Gallic G, but features a different style of eyebrows and a more sloping neck guard. The most complete example of this type is from Lech, near Augsburg, Germany. Other datable helmets indicate a trend toward these more sloping neck guards in the last half of the 1st century, which continued through the 2nd and 3rd centuries. However, as both styles of neck guard were clearly used side by side, it was likely a matter of personal preference and/or armoury issue of what type could be worn by a particular Roman soldier..

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