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The Corinthian A Helmet from Bronze, named after the Ancient Greek City of Corinth, developed in the first half of the 7th Century BC. It was the most common helmet of Ancient greek and even became popular in Italy. 
Our replica is based on the Corinthian 'A' type. The helm is handmade of solid bronze. It has no liner as the rivets would have damaged the helmet calotte. But we will add a soft padded cap to each helmet. A perfect piece for collectors and Re-enactors of the Ancient Greek era, such as Hoplites. 
- Headsize: up to approx. 65 cm circumference 
  long distance (front to back): approx. 23.5 cm 
  short distance (ear to ear): approx. 21 cm
- Material: 1.2 mm Bronze 
- Weight: approx. 1.75 kg.


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Out of combat, a Greek hoplite would wear the helmet tipped upward for comfort. This practice gave rise to a series of variant forms in Italy, where the slits were almost closed, since the helmet was no longer pulled over the face but worn cap-like. Although the classical Corinthian helmet fell out of use among the Greeks in favour of more open types, the Italo-Corinthian types remained in use until the 1st century AD, being used, among others, by the Roman army.
Bronze Corinthian helmet, ca. 500 BC, Staatliche Antikensammlungen(Inv. 4330)

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