Roman Shields - Scutum Roman Doura Europos

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Ancient Rome

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Roman shield rectangular introduced from the late first century AD and in use until the third century. Legionaire Scutum 'Dura Europos' linen covered

Was made with several layers of wood glued together and covered in leather with reinforced edges in bronze. The same material was also a central umbo protection of the handle.

The outer layer of fabric was then painted with colors and different symbols depending on the unit that represented.

The shield of Doura Europos owes its name to the Syrian city where he was found. Dated to the third century, richly decorated, is believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes.

Our replicas is made from plywood, covered in linen. It is handmade and hand-pained. The shield and boss are not assembled upon delivery. There are 4 screws includes for self-assembly.
- material: 1 cm plywood, linen, brass
- height: approx. 108 cm
- width: approx. 72 cm
- weight: approx. 5.3 kg


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