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Roman Clothing

Roman Clothing
Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pair Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pair
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Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pairThe Praetorian Guard was originally formed around the 3rd century B.C. Founded as a guard of the generals of the Roman Republic. Deployed both in camp and in battle, the Praetorians served as a last reserve force against attacks on commanders dur..
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Greek Costume, includes. 1) red linen tunic. (52 eur) 2) blue wool cape. (25 eur)..
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Roman Folding Stool Roman Folding Stool
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Roman Folding StoolThis replica of an Roman campaign stool is foldable and thus easy to transport and stow. The seat is made of sturdy leather.The original piece on which it is based is on display a the Weissenburg museum in Bavaria, Germany.Details:- Material: steel, leather- Seat height: approx. 5..
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Roman costume Roman costume
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Costume includes Roman. 1) red shirt with blue stripes. (79 eur) 2) brown coat with a hood. (89 eur) 3) Roman Braghe knee. (65 eur..
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  Roman armor developed since the second half of the first century AD and worn by legionaries in place of chain mail (lorica hamata). The segmented structure of the lorica has become known in detail after two complete copies have appeared at Corbridge in northern England in 1964. Made of carbon stee..
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Roman Centurion Belt Roman Centurion Belt
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Late Roman Centurion BeltAn authentic replica of a late Roman belt (cingulum ) of a centurion, the officer of a group of a hundred soldiers of the Roman legions.The belt is made of approx. 3 mm thick, brown cowhide and is equipped with ten spindle-shaped brass decorations and a massive, multi-part b..
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Cape Legionnaire
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Cloak with lacing fibula typical of Roman legionnaires. Made entirely by hand in red wool. Red wool..
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Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, Leather with Tinned Brass Fittings, 1st c. ADThe piece of Roman military gear known as a cingulum militare was a leather belt adorned with ornamental metal plates and often equipped with frogs (suspension devices) for the soldier's dagger. This war belt was not onl..
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Roman Phalerae, brassA phalera was a gold, silver, or bronze sculpted disk worn on the breastplate during parades by Roman soldiers who had been awarded it as a kind of medal.Roman military units could also be awarded phalerae for distinguished conduct in action. These awards were often mounted on t..
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Roman Tunic - Roman legionaries
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Cotton tunic, red color, typical of the Roman legionaries to be worn under the "lorica".Studs around the neck, one size tunic, wearable.Dimensions:Waist circumference: 112 cmLength from shoulder to waist: approx.90 cm -sleeve length from underarm approx.30 cm -Wearable.  ..
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Balteus, Roman Legionary BeltAll fittings, buckles and pugio holders have been re-designed for utmost authenticity.Details- Length of belt: approx. 115 cm- Weight: approx. 0.85 kgdelivery time: 5 working days..
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Cingulum Militare - Central Museum of Mainz Cingulum Militare - Central Museum of Mainz
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Cingulum Militare - Central Museum of MainzCingulum Militare, Central Romano-Germanic Museum of Mainz (RGZM), 1st century ADRoman legionary belt with pterygiums and tinned brass fittingsThe Roman Military Cingulum was a leather belt, covered with decorative metal plates and often fitted with bracket..
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