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Marto Toledo

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This small but powerful magnifying glass from the table is embellished with the Templar cross, the symbol of the famous order of knights sworn to defend the holy land and its pilgrims whose motto was "non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed men from your gloriam (Not to us, O Lord, to Thy name from 'glory) and a beautiful decorative floral motif on the side of the lens obtained by the technique of Damaschinatura (a technique in use since the Renaissance to decorate swords and daggers, and that is nell'incrostatura for a hammering copper wire, silver or gold).
Made of gilded metal and wood, with glass lens quality and damaschinatura white yellow gold 24 carat and 18 carat gold green dell'incrostatura with a minimum thickness of 4 microns, is a collector's must for any fan of history this famous order.


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