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The Cross of Santiago, is the symbol of the military / religious Order of Santiago or St. James of Compostela. The origin of this order dates from the twelfth century in the kingdom of León. They are named after the patron saint of Spain, James the Greater, under whose protection the Christians of Galicia and Asturias in the ninth century, began to fight the Muslims of Spain.
The military establishment is attributed to King Ferdinand II of León, while the religious one, to King Alfonso VIII of Castile, with the approval of Pope Alexander III by a bubble of 5 July 1175.
The Knights of Santiago, accepted the vows of poverty and obedience. However, the organization chose the rule rather than the Cistercian Order of the Augustinians, its members were not obliged to take a vow of chastity and they could marry.
The cross of Santiago, made of silver metal with bath and / or antique brass (certificate), was reproduced as a result of detailed historical research that ensure the fidelity iconography.
Wear it and you also become part of the order of Santiago.

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