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Templar Sword

Templar Sword
Templar Sword
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Templar Sword
Templar Sword
Templar Sword

Sword style inspired by medieval monastic knightly Order of the Knights Templars, founded in Jerusalem between 1119 and 1120 by French nobleman Hugues de Payns along with eight other fellow pilgrims on the streets to defend the Holy Land.

The stories then flourished over the years on account of the Templars have decreed the popularity of the Order, now the limelight and historical legend.

The sword of the Templars has a steel blade, decorated for the first third in silver and black.

The hilt, very elaborate, gilded metal is melted with relief figures of gilded metal bronzed metal inserts symbols representing the Temple.

The knob disc finally a golden cross license inside. Templar swords.

Total length 118 cm.


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