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Oliver Collectible Porcelain Doll - Height: 12.5 in

Oliver Collectible Porcelain Doll - Height: 12.5 in


Bimbo su poltrona in ceramica, smalto tutto fatto a mano, capelli, vestiti tutti in porcellana. larghezza 25 cm - altezza 32 cm. La Scultura in porcellana è realizzata come  esposta...

Sibania created a new way to produce porcelain figures, on one hand by the application of tulle on eighteenth century style figures and, on the other, by a typically vicentine (Italy)  form of ceramics.
We performed in-depth research on the characteristics of the materials, we produced some thin sheets of clay and perfected a method of impressing decorative motif on them that are typical of fabrics. As in processing tulle, when it is mixed with clay and fired, it seems to turn fabric into porcelain; we also wanted our pieces to look like they were produced with actual fabric. The decorated sheets are cut to the desired shapes and applied on pieces, modelling the way they drape over the figures carefully. The hair in turn is made up of thin wires of porcelain, which are "combed" on the nude head of each doll (figure). These phases of processing are extremely delicate, because every error provokes defects in firing and great care is required to manage the sheets without damaging the decorations.
 It was not easy, but today, that although ceramics are 20.000 years old and moulding is 500 years old, nobody had ever succeeded in producing a mould directly on a ceramic statue before us.

Each piece is then dried and subjected firing at 1300 °C. After this extremely "hot" firing, the bisque is cleaned and sometimes smoothed to prepare it for decoration. Decorations with an amalgamation of colour, turpentine and vavender essence. The colour is "faded" with special brushes, or "tamponed" with a sponge. Finally the colour is fired in the "third firing", which we do at 950 °C, since we use lead-free colours.