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A Miniature Crossbow Pistol

A Miniature Crossbow Pistol
A Miniature Crossbow Pistol

Scale model of a balestrino, also known as crossbow pistol by the characteristic teniere that arches behind the shooting of walnut. Given insidious weapon, because it could easily be concealed in his clothes, was banned as early as the second half of the 500.

Teniere National hardboard wood with carving and floral decorations. The rope, wire braided hemp, is fixed at the ends of the arc steel bevelled base, covered with leather trim. Bracket, shutter, viewfinder, and the table are targeted burnished metal, while applications are gold-plated metal.

The crossbow is equipped with a dart in wood with a metal tip, natural pen with fins.

Total length 31 cm. span 19 cm.

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