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Ancient Rome

Brand: Ancient Rome
Milanese armor, 15. century, 1.2 mm steelThis milanese armor in 15th century style consists of a breast plate and a back plate, as well as fauld parts. The upper part of the breast and back plate (cuirass) is attached to the separate fauld parts on the front and the rear by authentic brass buckles a..
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Late medieval breast-plate Churburg Late medieval breast-plate Churburg
Brand: Ancient Rome
Late medieval breast-plate ChurburgFully battle-ready reconstruction of the breast plate of the famous late medieval Churburg-armour. It's dated around 1360 AD and made out of nine steel plates which are rivetd to big pieces of leather on the back-side. Due to this construction the harness is quite ..
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Medieval Breastplate - with engravings Medieval Breastplate - with engravings
Brand: Ancient Rome
Medieval Breastplate, Steel Harness with engravingsWearable replica of a medieval steel plate armour.Includes two straps crossing in the back, adjustable in size by means of buckles.The harness is adorned with beautiful engravings and also features decorative brass rivets along the edges. Well-dimen..
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