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Roman Gladius (Pompeii), known as "type Pompeii" named after the famous city from which several specimens have been excavated. Melee weapon supplied to legions spread in the second half of the first century AD Double-edged steel blade tip and small, but previous versions assumes a straight shape..
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Roman helmet type "Imperial Gallic" half of the first century AD, surmounted by a crest of horsehair placed on a red crest, set screw longitudinally in a hole in the tile, the distinctive tiered ranks as the Optio. Paragnatidi furniture with studs and neck roll down. Made entirely of iron with d..
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Roman Praetorian helmet Roman Praetorian helmet
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Ceremonial helmet of the Roman Praetorian Guard, brassForerunners of the Roman Praetorian Guard (the Praetorians for short) were introduced as early as the Republican era.The troops were later increased and expanded by the Roman emperors.The praetorians served the emperors as security guards and bod..
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Roman Scutum - Roman legionary shield Roman Scutum - Roman legionary shield
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Scutum of the Roman legionaries, Roman shieldReconstruction of an ancient shield, so-called scutum, as carried by the Roman legionnaires of the imperial era.The shield is made of wood and has a hand-painted linen cover on the front. The back is reinforced with thin wooden strips.The shield is normal..
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Shaffron Shaffron
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Shaffron plate armour defence for a horse's head. The Shaffron also Front , was part of the armor, responsible for the defense of the horse's head. Usually made ​​from a metal plate, could be more or less decorated according to whether its use was for the war, the carousel or the military parade. He..
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Thracian Gladiators Helmet or belonged to a category of heavy gladiator. He fought with a short sword (sword), defended by a large shield, a protective sleeve on his right arm, one leg on the left shin guard and a helmet to protect the whole head adorned with a large central ridge and colored feathe..
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Vindonissa  Pugio with silver inlay Vindonissa  Pugio with silver inlay
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Vindonissa  Pugio with silver inlayA beautiful reconstruction of a Roman dagger, designed very artistically and with great craftsmanship.Both the riveted grip plates and the front plate of the scabbard are very elaborately decorated with silver inlay. The scabbard is made of wood, covered in le..
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Muscular armor of Greek origin in use by the mid-sixth century BC the high cost of implementation restricted its use to the wealthy warriors, but its popularity remained constant until Roman times where the same model was adopted by senior officers. (the helmet is not included in the price) It lends..
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Deurne Roman helmet Deurne Roman helmet
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Deurne helmetVery elaborate reconstruction of a late Roman cavalry helmet that was found during excavations near Deurne, Holland.The rich decorations suggest that the wearer was a very high-ranking officer.A Roman coin found next to the helmet bears the year 319, so the helmet most likely dates from..
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Muscle chest and back armor, 1.2 mm steelWearable Greek muscle breastplate made of strong armor steel. Including back armor and 6 leather straps for lacing.Details:- Size: suitable for a chest circumference of approx. 120 to 145 cm, as it can be adjusted with leather straps- Total length: approx. 60..
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Roman helmet Imperial Italic -C- (Cremona), brassDating: 1st century ADVery authentic replica based on a find near Cremona (Northern Italy).Includes a padded cotton inner cap.Details:- Suitable for a head circumference of up to approx. 61 cm- Long inner distance (back of head to forehead): approx. 2..
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