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Shoulder protection worn over the shoulder but also capable of protecting the neck and head from blows coming from this area during combat.In use among gladiators, in particular, it represented the only protection afforded to the Retiarius, a category of light gladiators who otherwise were only dres..
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Roman Archer's helmet Roman Archer's helmet
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Roman archer helmetMany representations on ancient tombs and reliefs show archers of the Roman army - mainly recruited from the eastern provinces - wearing conical helmets exactly like this one.Our reproduction is made of steel with brass clasps, the neck guard is made of suede with brass splints se..
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Roman Cavalry Helmet Witcham Roman Cavalry Helmet Witcham
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Witcham Gravel Helmet, Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Helmet, Steel, with CrestThis handsome Roman helmet is a reproduction of a late 1st c. find (approx. 50-75 AD) unearthed around 1870 by peat cutters near Witcham Gravel, Cambridgeshire, England, and now on display at the British Museum in London.The lar..
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Roman Cingulum - legionnaire's belt Roman Cingulum - legionnaire's belt
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Cingulum, Roman legionnaire's beltReplica of a typical Roman cingulum (cingulum militare) as worn by legionnaires in the first century AD.The belt is made of solid, light brown leather and is fitted with thin brass fittings.Details:- Belt length: approx. 120 cm- Length of the apron straps: approx. 3..
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Roman Gladius (Pompei) Roman Gladius (Pompei)
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Roman Gladius (Pompei), the classic short sword of the Roman Empire, named after an original that was found in the ruins of Pompeii (dating back to 79 AD). This faithful reproduction of a painting is based on Warriors Michael Simkins' of Rome, even if all components, including hilt, are made by hand..
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Roman Pugio
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Roman Pugio, Roman military equipment between the second century BC and the first half of the first century AD, almost identical weapon derived from Spanish origin, perhaps as early as the third century BC It was carried by the legionaries hung on the left side, while in Centurions hung on the right..
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Celtic Helmet Celtic Helmet
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Replica of a celtic helmet, as prevalent among gallic soldiers around 100 a.d.This helmet follows an original forund in the "Forêt de Rouvray" in northern France.There was probably horse hair attached to the helmet peak.   This helmet has a comfortable leather inlay and chin strap. ..
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Greek leather apron beltApron belt with metal ornaments. It can be closed with a belt loop.Details- colour: black- with metal ornaments- length: approx. 132 cm- 1.8mm -2.2mm leather- weight: approx. 1.7 kg- colour: black- with metal brass ornaments- length: approx. 132 cm- 1.8mm -2.2mm leather- weig..
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Corinthian type helmet greek-fifth century BC, with the ridge, and nasal paragnatidi fixed. Widespread in southern Italy after the importance of locally recruited from Greek colonies. The title "Royal" is used here to denote the rich decoration of this particular model. Made entirely of hand wroug..
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Maximus Gladiator Helmet Maximus Gladiator Helmet
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Gladiator helmet MaximusBeautiful helmet in the style of a Roman gladiator helmet.A similar helmet is worn by the protagonist Maximus, portrayed by Russel Crowe, in the film Gladiator.Ideal for live roleplay, theater and costumingThe helmet has a comfortable leather liner and chin strap.Details:- Ma..
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Roman Centurion Belt Roman Centurion Belt
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Late Roman Centurion BeltAn authentic replica of a late Roman belt (cingulum ) of a centurion, the officer of a group of a hundred soldiers of the Roman legions.The belt is made of approx. 3 mm thick, brown cowhide and is equipped with ten spindle-shaped brass decorations and a massive, multi-part b..
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Roman dagger
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Roman Daggers and Roman Pugio. Version provided to Roman soldiers in the second half of the first century AD Following the Pugio seems to disappear by the crew of miles: for the bas-reliefs of Trajan's column appears there be no trace. Hung on the left side was led by the legionaries, while the ..
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