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Ancient Rome

Brand: Ancient Rome
Corinthian type helmet greek-fifth century BC, with the ridge, and nasal paragnatidi fixed. Widespread in southern Italy after the importance of locally recruited from Greek colonies. Made entirely of gilded iron handmade. The crest is hand-stitched leather with horsehair Beige Dimensions: 19 x 52 c..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Helmet Roman type "Imperial Gallic" half of the first century AD, surmounted by a crest of horsehair distinctive white tiered ranks as the Optio and put on a helmet placed on the tile by a support fork rebuilt exactly as in 'original. Made entirely of iron with decorative brass-plated metal part..
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Roman Belt - Rheingönheim Cingulum Roman Belt - Rheingönheim Cingulum
Brand: Ancient Rome
Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, Leather with Tinned Brass Fittings, 1st c. ADThe piece of Roman military gear known as a cingulum militare was a leather belt adorned with ornamental metal plates and often equipped with frogs (suspension devices) for the soldier's dagger. This war belt was not onl..
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Roman Dagger with sheath black Roman Dagger with sheath black
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Brand: Ancient Rome
total length 78 cm Blade steel: lengths: 56 cm Metal handle and scabbard black (not red)...
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Roman Phalerae, brass Roman Phalerae, brass
Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Phalerae, brassA phalera was a gold, silver, or bronze sculpted disk worn on the breastplate during parades by Roman soldiers who had been awarded it as a kind of medal.Roman military units could also be awarded phalerae for distinguished conduct in action. These awards were often mounted on t..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Muscle breast and back plates, 1,2 mm steel. This wearable Greek cuirass is made up of a breat and back plate made of armour steel. There are six leather straps for size adjustment.Size:suitable for chest circumference approx. 120 cm to 145 cmmaterial: approx. 1.2 mm ticknessweight: approx. 4.9 kgSh..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Helmet by Auriga, conductor of the ancient chariot, made in the style of an Illyrian type helmet that leaves the face uncovered. Made entirely of brass metal hand-worked and conical helmet with a long tail which comes out in black horsehair. Wearable.      ..
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Late Roman Spangenhelm -  from Deir el-Medina Late Roman Spangenhelm -  from Deir el-Medina
Brand: Ancient Rome
Late Roman Spangenhelm from Deir el-Medina, 1.6 mm Steel- Battle-Ready-A very authentic replica of a late Roman spangenhelm which was found in Deir el-Medina, an ancient labourer settlement of Thebes. The helmet was dated to the first half of the 4th century AD and is now on display at the Coptic Mu..
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Lorica Leather
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman armor developed since the second half of the first century AD and worn by the legionaries Wearable. Not including the Tunica sold separately...
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Glaudius, Roman sword-type late first century AD, with wires parallel and bit shorter, spheroid bone and anatomic handle. Comes complete with scabbard suspension of eastern origin, ie with two rings on the sides. Pompeian style. Made with iron blade and wooden hilt. Comes complete with leather scabb..
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Roman Helmet - Praetorian Helmet Roman Helmet - Praetorian Helmet
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Brand: Ancient Rome
 Roman Helmet, Praetorian Guard Helmet, this helmet is made of brass and is truly a centre-piece because of its rich ornamentation.   The Praetorian Guard (Praetoriani) was a force of bodyguards by Roman Emperors.  The title was already used during the Roman Republic ..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
 Was constructed with three layers of wood glued together and covered in leather with the edges in bronze. Oval shield flat profile of the type used by the auxiliaries of the Roman army during the I - II century AD The construction features mirroring those of "scutum" legionnaire, with more l..
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