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Oval Roman Shield from the flat profile of the type used by the auxiliaries of the Roman army during the I - II century AD The construction features mirroring those of "scutum" legionnaire, with more layers of wood glued together and covered with leather colored cloth, reinforced rim and br..
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Roman shield rectangular introduced from the late first century AD and in use until the third century. Legionaire Scutum 'Dura Europos' linen covered Was made with several layers of wood glued together and covered in leather with reinforced edges in bronze. The same material was also a central u..
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The Hobbit - Helm of Dain Ironfoot with Stand The Hobbit - Helm of Dain Ironfoot with Stand
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The Hobbit - Helm of Dain Ironfoot with StandOfficially licensed movie replica from The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies, United Cutlery.United Cutlery offers meticulously crafted officially licensed prop replicas of a variety of weapons from The Hobbit. New to this series are reproduction pro..
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Witcham Gravel Helmet - Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Helmet Witcham Gravel Helmet - Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Helmet
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Witcham Gravel Helmet, Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Helmet, Steel, with CrestThis handsome Roman helmet is a reproduction of a late 1st c. find (approx. 50-75 AD) unearthed around 1870 by peat cutters near Witcham Gravel, Cambridgeshire, England, and now on display at the British Museum in London.The lar..
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Shield portable and take up a circular convex profile in use by the fourteenth to the sixteenth century to the close combat. Of various sizes (from wheel to punch jugs combat) does not, however, substantial changes throughout the period in which it is used. Made of iron, has a smooth surface with ..
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Roman armor adopted by senior officers, lends itself to different sizes. Muscular armor of Greek origin in use by the mid-sixth century BC the high cost of implementation restricted its use to the wealthy warriors, but its popularity remained constant until Roman times where the same model was adopt..
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Cape Legionnaire
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Cloak with lacing fibula typical of Roman legionnaires. Made entirely by hand in red wool. Red wool..
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Corinthian type helmet greek-fifth century BC, with the ridge, and nasal paragnatidi fixed. Widespread in southern Italy after the importance of locally recruited from Greek colonies. Made entirely of gilded iron handmade. The crest is hand-stitched leather with horsehair Beige Dimensions: 19 x 52 c..
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Helmet Roman type "Imperial Gallic" half of the first century AD, surmounted by a crest of horsehair distinctive white tiered ranks as the Optio and put on a helmet placed on the tile by a support fork rebuilt exactly as in 'original. Made entirely of iron with decorative brass-plated metal part..
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Roman standard (signum) attributed to the Praetorian Guard. The Signum was one of three different categories of standards that came to the legions (Aquilae, and signa vexilla) who had both a practical function as a landmark of the soldiers in the confusion of battle is symbolic guardian of honor of ..
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Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, Leather with Tinned Brass Fittings, 1st c. ADThe piece of Roman military gear known as a cingulum militare was a leather belt adorned with ornamental metal plates and often equipped with frogs (suspension devices) for the soldier's dagger. This war belt was not onl..
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Roman Dagger with sheath black Roman Dagger with sheath black
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total length 78 cm Blade steel: lengths: 56 cm Metal handle and scabbard black (not red)...
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