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Helmet by Auriga, conductor of the ancient chariot, made in the style of an Illyrian type helmet that leaves the face uncovered. Made entirely of brass metal hand-worked and conical helmet with a long tail which comes out in black horsehair. Wearable.      ..
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Late Roman Spangenhelm from Deir el-Medina, 1.6 mm Steel- Battle-Ready-A very authentic replica of a late Roman spangenhelm which was found in Deir el-Medina, an ancient labourer settlement of Thebes. The helmet was dated to the first half of the 4th century AD and is now on display at the Coptic Mu..
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Lorica Leather
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Roman armor developed since the second half of the first century AD and worn by the legionaries Wearable. Not including the Tunica sold separately...
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Roman Helmet - Praetorian Helmet Roman Helmet - Praetorian Helmet
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 Roman Helmet, Praetorian Guard Helmet, this helmet is made of brass and is truly a centre-piece because of its rich ornamentation.   The Praetorian Guard (Praetoriani) was a force of bodyguards by Roman Emperors.  The title was already used during the Roman Republic ..
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Brand: Avalon Shop
 Was constructed with three layers of wood glued together and covered in leather with the edges in bronze. Oval shield flat profile of the type used by the auxiliaries of the Roman army during the I - II century AD The construction features mirroring those of "scutum" legionnaire, with more l..
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Corinthian Helmet - Helmet from Bronze Corinthian Helmet - Helmet from Bronze
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Brand: Avalon Shop
The Corinthian A Helmet from Bronze, named after the Ancient Greek City of Corinth, developed in the first half of the 7th Century BC. It was the most common helmet of Ancient greek and even became popular in Italy.    Our replica is based on the Corinthian 'A' type. The helm..
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Lorica Segmented
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Roman armor developed since the second half of the first century AD and worn by legionnaires in place of chain mail (lorica hamata). The segmented structure of the lorica has become known in detail after only two complete specimens have been unearthed in Corbridge in northern England in 1964. Ma..
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Roman Helmet Imperial Gallic -G- Weisenau, Steel, with CrestThis Roman helmet (also called galea or cassis) is an accurate replica of a mid-1st c. A.D. Imperial Gallic "G" Weisenau helmet recovered from the Rhine River in Mainz-Weisenau, Germany. The original, remarkably well-preserved iron-and-bron..
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Roman helmet Imperial Italic
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Roman helmet Imperial Italic -C- (Cremona), brass1st century ADVery authentic replica based on a find near Cremona (Northern Italy).Includes a padded cotton inner cap.Details:- Suitable for a head circumference of up to approx. 61 cm- Long inner distance (back of head to forehead): approx. 21.5 cm- ..
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Complete by Roman legionnaire Complete by Roman legionnaire
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Complete by Roman SoldierIt includes.- Roman legionary helmet: 60 euros- Lorica Hamata - Roman Armor: 172 euros- Roman Cingulum: 142 euros- Caligae Romane: 92 euros- Roman Gladio: 88.80 euros- launches: 118 euros..
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The Lorica Hamata was the typical chainmail armour of the Roman legionnaire.Delivery includes displayed shoulder doubling made of same material with leather border and authentic brass buttons and hooks. The leather has been vegetable-tanned.The BTW chain maille type:This particular mesh is composed ..
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Roman Greaves Roman Greaves
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The use of shin guards to protect the lower legs has been documented since ancient Greece, as well as between the pre-Roman Italic peoples, perhaps worn only by the wealthy warriors. With the reform of the Roman army at the end of the second century BC, which led to the introduction of conscription..
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