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Caligae Romane - Roman sandals Caligae Romane - Roman sandals
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Roman sandals, caligae, brown.Leather sandals worn by Roman legionaries certainly until the end of the 2nd century AD.The upper part, made from a single piece of leather, wrapped the entire upper part of the foot up to the ankle and was glued to the heavy sole made up of several layers of leather an..
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 Shin guards, I century AD - Gladiator Size: 14 x 43 cm...
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Fought in 480 BC by the Spartans led by Leonidas and their allies to defend freedom against the advance of Xerxes Hellenic, the battle of Thermopylae became known as an immortal example of heroism. According to ancient chronicles one of only three hundred warriors of Sparta survived: Aristodemo, who..
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Greek Breast-and Backplates, Bell Armour, brassThis hand-crafted cuirass is modelled on ancient Greek originals from the archaic period (approx. 750 - 600 BC).Details:- Material: approx. 1,2 mm sheet brass- Chest: approx. 126 cm- Waist: approx. 120 cm- Length from shoulder: approx. 53 cm- Weight: ap..
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Greek muscle armor in use by mid-sixth century BC The high cost of producing limited its use to wealthy warriors, but its popularity remained constant until Roman times where the same model was adopted by senior officers. Here is a proposal made of black steel armor muscle decorated with two dra..
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A retiarius was a Roman gladiator who fought with equipment styled on that of a fisherman: a weighted net, a three-pointed trident, and a dagger (pugio). The retiarius was lightly armoured, wearing an arm guard and a shoulder guard. Typically, his clothing consisted only of a loincloth held in place..
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Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Shield
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This flat Roman shield is also known as Parma Equestris. It was predominantly used by the mounted Auxilia (auxiliary cavalry), which were organised in military units, the so-called Alae.   This shield is made from composite wood and lined with brass bands. The shield boss (umbo) is also..
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Gladius - Mainz type, with scabbard, one of the weapons with which the legionaries of Rome conquered large parts of the then known world was the short sword. The various types are categorized primarily by means of the blade or the location.This sword (lat. Gladius) is the Mainz type with a two-edged..
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Roman Helmet - Republican Montefortino, brass.  The Montefortino helmet was a type of Celtic, and later Roman, military helmet used from around 300 BC through the 1st century AD with continuing modifications.    Size: for head circumferences up to 60 cm long dista..
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Curve to a sharp sword known as Stride and Latin Kopis in greek, widespread throughout the Mediterranean area between the sixth and third century BC, whose origin is probably Italic or Etruscan. The model shown above is one of the later versions, identified by the blade curvature accentuated with sh..
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This round shield is painted with motifs of the norse Mythology. The wolves Mánagarm (literally translated: Moon Hound) und Sköll (Treachery) are the sons of the monstrous wolf Fenrir. Mánagarm is the wolf who destroys the moon. He feeds on the flesh of the dead, and during the Ragnarök, he and ..
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Cloak Roman legionary Roman
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Cloak with clasp fastening to the typical Roman legionnaires. Made entirely by hand in red wool. Code: ML.01..
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