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Ancient Rome

Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman sword known as "type Pompeii" named after the famous city from which several specimens have been excavated. Melee weapon supplied to legions spread in the second half of the century double-edged steel blade tip and small, but previous versions assumes a straight shape, becoming a weapon of tra..
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Great Shield of Sparta
Brand: Ancient Rome
Shield of the legions of 'Spartan army at the Battle of Thermopylae. Fought in 480 BC by the Spartans led by Leonidas and their allies to defend freedom against the advance of Xerxes Hellenic, the battle of Thermopylae became known as an immortal example of heroism. According to ancient chronicles..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Helmet Coolus - D -, brass.  Authentic replica of  two nearly identical helmets found near in Haltern, Germany., dated approx. 1st century a.d. s. The Coolus helmet was a type of ancient Celtic and Roman helmet. It was produced from brass and, like the Montefortino typ..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Short red wool coat typical of Roman legionnaires to wear under the "breastplate". Wearable  ..
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Roman Tunic - Roman legionaries
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Cotton tunic, red color, typical of the Roman legionaries to be worn under the "lorica".Studs around the neck, one size tunic, wearable.Dimensions:Waist circumference: 112 cmLength from shoulder to waist: approx.90 cm -sleeve length from underarm approx.30 cm -Wearable.  ..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Sleeve made of leather scales sewn over a frame of the same material. Worn by gladiators often to protect the right arm, very vulnerable during the fight. Provided with leather belts to be worn. Sleeve made with slivers of leather sewn on a framework underlying always leather. Worn by gladiators usu..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Century AD Roman sword blade and two-wire tip, large apple-shaped or spheroid bilenticolare on an anatomical handle (four cylinder with depressions to accommodate the fingers), made of cast metal. Complete with scabbard with suspension derived from the eastern side consists of two rings, covered..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Corazza muscle. Wearable - adorned in black metal...
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Shaffron Shaffron
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Shaffron plate armour defence for a horse's head. The Shaffron also Front , was part of the armor, responsible for the defense of the horse's head. Usually made ​​from a metal plate, could be more or less decorated according to whether its use was for the war, the carousel or the military parade. He..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Greek shield used in the eighth century BC by the characteristic oval shape with lateral notches, known as "Dipylon" from the name of a cemetery in Athens which were found many representations of it. The "Dipylon" probably derives from a more ancient shield-shaped "8" in use during the Mycenaean age..
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Celtic sword scabbard with velvet
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Brand: Ancient Rome
  Overall length: 94 cm. Handle: 10 cm. Grip, pommel and hilt: 15cm. Blade length: 73 cn Blade width: 4.5 cm..
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Cingulum Roman first century AD Cingulum Roman first century AD
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Brand: Ancient Rome
"Cingulum" dress belt by Roman legionnaires in the first century AD, which was suspended in the sheath of the dagger (pugio). The "cingulum" differs from the other belts to be fitted above a curtain of strips of leather in varying numbers (4-6) hanging from the front. Both the front wall that the ..
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