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Celtic sword scabbard with velvet
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  Overall length: 94 cm. Handle: 10 cm. Grip, pommel and hilt: 15cm. Blade length: 73 cn Blade width: 4.5 cm..
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Cingulum Roman first century AD Cingulum Roman first century AD
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"Cingulum" dress belt by Roman legionnaires in the first century AD, which was suspended in the sheath of the dagger (pugio). The "cingulum" differs from the other belts to be fitted above a curtain of strips of leather in varying numbers (4-6) hanging from the front. Both the front wall that the ..
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Roman Helmet Coolus - E -, brass.  Authentic replica of  two nearly identical helmets found near  in Walbrook near London. The master of this helmet is displayed in the British Museum in London. It probably has been used during the 1. Roman Invasion in the year 43 AD. The Co..
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The Thraex Helmet, belonging to a category of heavy gladiators, distinguished by a helmet surmounted by a crest, often adorned with feathers and with a visor to protect face. The rest of the protections of the Trace assommava to a pair of greaves, in a sleeve on the right arm and a small rectangular..
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Balteus, Roman Legionary BeltAll fittings, buckles and pugio holders have been re-designed for utmost authenticity.Details- Length of belt: approx. 115 cm- Weight: approx. 0.85 kgdelivery time: 5 working days..
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Julio Cesar Dagger
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Gaius Julius Caesar (pronounced [ˈgaːius ˈjuːlius ˈkaɪsar] in Classical Latin; conventionally pronounced [ˈgajəs ˈdʒuːliəs ˈsiːzɚ] in English), July 13, 100 BC[2] – March 15, 44 BC,[3]) was a Roman military and political leader. He played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic i..
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Roman Helmet Coolus - G -, brass.  Authentic replica based on a 1st century a.d. helmet found in Drusenheim (Alsace), Germany.   Size: for head circumferences up to 61 cm long distance (front to back): approx. 21.5 cm short distance (ear to ear): approx. 19,5 ..
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Wind Instrument Roman law that bronze tube. About 120 cm long, was used primarily by military units to transmit orders. There are versions for infantry to cavalry, the latter shorter In bronze.  Long: 120 cm...
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Daga Viking - Dagger Length: 76 cm..
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Plated leather belt with square metal studs (usually tin-coated bronze) worked in relief with geometric shapes. This kind of belt, with no curtain in front, however, was equipped with the "cingulum" and generally larger, they were worn by centurions in place of the latter. Clad in leather with studs..
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Roman Gladius
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Roman Gladius with blade tip and two wire-reinforced, large apple-shaped or spheroid bilenticolare on anatomic handle, formed by a cylinder with four depressions to accommodate the fingers. Complete with scabbard suspension of eastern origin, ie with two rings on the sides. Carried by the le..
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Greek Round Shield
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Ancient greek version of the shield round in use between the tenth and seventh centuries BC, most likely originated in Central Europe and imported to the mainland of Greece at the end of the Mycenaean period. Made of metal, leather exterior with suede umbo central metal engraved with the figure ..
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