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Ancient Rome

Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman bronze military horn (cornu), carried and played by a legionnaire employees, which translated into sounds Cornicen conventional orders made by the officers. This was necessary because the width of the grid and confusion during the battle did not allow a voice contact between soldiers and supe..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Reconstruction of a Roman sword of the fourth century original found in Germany near Cologne and now in the museum in Bonn, which clearly shows the change in the Roman army was going into this period, particularly following the reforms of Constantine. The sword has a steel blade with straight edges ..
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Cingulum Roman first century AD Cingulum Roman first century AD
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Brand: Ancient Rome
"Cingulum" dress belt by Roman legionnaires in the first century AD, which was suspended in the sheath of the dagger (pugio). The "cingulum" differs from the other belts to be fitted above a curtain of strips of leather in varying numbers (4-6) hanging from the front. Both the front wall that the ..
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Roman Gladius (Pompei)
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Gladius (Pompei), the classic short sword of the Roman Empire, named after an original that was found in the ruins of Pompeii (dating back to 79 AD). This faithful reproduction of a painting is based on Warriors Michael Simkins' of Rome, even if all components, including hilt, are made by hand..
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Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman helmet type "Imperial Gallic". The original came from Germany and dates from the mid first century AD This helmet is designed in the style of a Roman legionnaire helmet. It is ideal for LARP, theatre and costuming.   Delivery includes a padded cotton cap.   Suitab..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Additional element to the Roman armor-type lorica segmented "to protect the right arm. It seems that further defense of Legionnaires' has been developed between the end of the century and the beginning of the second century AD during the wars of Trajan in Dacia to protect themselves from the "falx",..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Supplied with the Roman cavalry sword between the first and second century AD, introduced in the early Empire the Celts who were at that time the core body of discretion. Characterized by a long double-edged steel blade and sharp tip with the fees. The hilt guard is small and bilobed knob wooden han..
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Roman helmet of the first century AD Roman helmet of the first century AD
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman helmet type "Imperial Gallic" half of the first century AD, surmounted by a crest of horsehair placed on a red crest, set screw longitudinally in a hole in the tile, the distinctive tiered ranks as the Optio. Paragnatidi furniture with studs and neck roll down. Made entirely of iron with d..
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Roman Helmet  - Roman Optio Helmet
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Reconstruction in the style of a Roman Optio  helmet.  Ideal for LARP, theatre and costuming.   Delivery includes a padded cotton cap.   Suitable for head circumference up to 61cm. Long distance (back to front): approx. 21.5 cm Short distance (ear to e..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
In the third century the "Spatha" long blade with straight edges and finally replace the sword as the main melee weapon of the Roman legionary, increasingly influenced by the German military costumes. This particular version dates back to that period, based on the reconstruction of an original found..
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Roman dagger
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Daggers and Roman Pugio. Version provided to Roman soldiers in the second half of the first century AD Following the Pugio seems to disappear by the crew of miles: for the bas-reliefs of Trajan's column appears there be no trace. Hung on the left side was led by the legionaries, while the ..
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