Medieval Knight Armor, Medieval Italian Armor

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Medieval Knight Armor consists of a helmet with horse tile spheroid at low ridge. Fans raised on the nose, docked on the right. Vents. View prominent forehead, cracked eye backward, rivets and coietto insurance. By ruff collar, chest to foot in envelopes, without remains, ribbed neck in the middle to slightly concave, rising in the middle rounds and decreased axillary and oblique sections in duplicate.

Two ribs to fall below the neckline in controcurva open cusp; back with little batticulo modeled. Tassets shaped and machined, balanced, buckled the front flap to protect the upper thighs with forked bell. Bracelets integer symmetric and shoulder blade of guardascella, rounded front and rear wings slightly larger.

Important Info: Overall Height: 6 1/2 ft. Weight: 75 lbs. (Size 185 x 85 x 43 cm - Weight 35 kg)

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