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The Medieval bevor (bevors) is a component of medieval armor plate, the Gothic type, used as protection of the chin (neck and lower face) during the fighting.

In use since the end of 1350 until the late Gothic period.

Entirely made of steel and handmade and wearable. Size: made in various sizes.

The Medieval bevor (bevors) is characterized by a shaped steel plate that can hook over the top of the shell.

Used in the Middle Ages, around 1350, when the hidden comparsero as helmets and pelvis, these types of helmets not being complete left discovered the lower part of the face and neck.

The Medieval bevor (bevors) was used in combat by heavy cavalry in the late medieval period, part of the armor of the late Gothic period, in the Holy Roman Empire, in the Kingdom of France and Italy during the Renaissance.

All of our reproductions of armor medieval therefore also the Medieval bevor (bevors) are faithful reproductions of historical medieval armor for combat, can be worn for special events, historical re-enactment to compose your armor ideal. They are handmade, and adapt to various sizes, using leather straps with buckles external adjustable, can be custom made. Armor are forged by hand by steel sheets with machining processes not modern, such as the crease and polishing, the thickness can be chosen among the following measures. 1.2 - 1.5 - 2.0mm.

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