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Medieval Armor consists of a large pelvis open field, with a ridge tile sleeve top. The shape of the visor is angled at the middle height of the cracks and protruding eyes, with 15 air vents placed at the rectangle.

Ruff collar, rounded chest, and left with bracelet washer connected to the needles through dell'usbergo covering the shoulder. The chest and rib in the middle, slightly concave neck, underarm turns striking the center and dropped oblique. Back with little batticulo modeled.

Tassets shaped and finished, symmetrical and is attributed to the blades to flap to protect the upper thighs; swallowtail. Bracelets integers with asymmetrical shoulder straps man of arms, with the right front wing with hollowed on both funny and instead of guardagoletta.

Size 185 x 85 x 43 cm - Weight 35 kg.

Made of steel, handmade wearable and is fully equipped with a wooden sword and bearing steel.

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