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Bow of Legolas

Bow of Legolas
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Bow of Legolas

Legolas carried with him a dark wood bow, made during his youthness at Mirkwood. Externally it appeared of simple construction, carved out from a single piece of wood as in the costume of the Numenorean bowyers, but engraved in gold with a fine ivy motif. The bow wasn't very long (more or less sixty inches), made to be used, for the most of time, in the thick forest of the Legolas birthplace.

The Legolas bow is made out from a single piece of Manao wood. It's technical data are: 60" lenght, 28" draw-lenght, 14 wires bowstring. It is available in different types, from 35 to 50 lbs of power. It is equipped with two 30" lenght, iron tipped wooden arrows, that are an exact reproduction of the originals.

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