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Combat Commander Gladius Combat Commander Gladius
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Combat Commander Gladius with scabbardDefend yourself like a tough warrior with the new Combat Commander Gladiator Sword from United Cutlery!This gladius is equipped with a powerful, stately 1060 carbon steel blade. This is black coated, razor sharp, and ends in a sharp point with great penetrating ..
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Gambeson with buckles, natural-colouredA gambeson is virtually indispensable for re-enactment and medieval show fighting. Also called aketon, padded jack or arming doublet, the gambeson was usually worn underneath plate and chainmail armour. It made these steel armours more comfortable to wear and c..
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European breastplate with back plate European breastplate with back plate
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Brand: Avalon Shop
European breastplate with back plateWearable and battle-ready breastplate with back plate made of 1.6 mm thick steel. The breastplate consists of three riveted plates, the back plate of two. Both pieces of armor are connected with sturdy leather straps, two next to the neckline and two under the arm..
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Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pair Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pair
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Greaves of the Praetorian Guard in stamped brass, pairThe Praetorian Guard was originally formed around the 3rd century B.C. Founded as a guard of the generals of the Roman Republic. Deployed both in camp and in battle, the Praetorians served as a last reserve force against attacks on commanders dur..
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Greek armor Greek armor
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Leather muscle armor and belts - cingulum, Muscular breastplate of Greek origin in use from the mid-6th century BC The high cost of construction limited its use to wealthy warriors, but its popularity has remained constant in Roman times when the same model was adopted by senior officers.Delivery in..
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Greek Costume, includes. 1) red linen tunic. (52 eur) 2) blue wool cape. (25 eur)..
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Greek Hoplite Sword with Lion scabbard Greek Hoplite Sword with Lion scabbard
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Greek Hoplite Sword with Lion scabbardThis replica of a hoplite sword from ancient Greece has an unsharpened spring steel blade. In the middle of the blade there is a pronounced bulge, which is typical of antique weapons of this era and type. The entire handle is cast and from brass and finished to ..
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Hoplite sword from Campovalano Hoplite sword from Campovalano
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Hoplite sword from Campovalano with scabbardReplica of a Greek hoplite sword based on a find in the necropolis of Campovalano, Italy. It dates from the 6th or 5th century BC.The unsharpened blade is made of steel and has a typical central ridge on each side. The handle is made of steel and bone plat..
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Lorica segmentata, type Corbridge AVery true to the original replica of the Roman rail armor based on finds in Corbridge (England) around the birth of Christ.Details:- Material: 1.2mm steel, brass, leatherMeasurements table:Sizemax. chest circumferenceWeight.M110 cm11 kgL130 cm12 kg..
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Medieval Steel BreastplateWearable replica of a medieval steel plate armour. Includes two straps crossing in the back, adjustable in size by means of buckles.The harness features decorative brass rivets along the edges. Well-dimensioned armholes provide sufficient space for the arms to move freely.D..
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Parazonium - Greco-Roman Short SwordThe parazonium was actually an early Roman dagger, or at times a short sword, which had its origin in ancient Greece. It was predominantly carried by the high-ranking officers of the Roman legions as an auxiliary weapon to their sword (gladius). It is a precursor ..
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Roman Centurion Helmet Roman Centurion Helmet
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Reconstruction in the style of a Roman centurion helmet. Delivery includes a padded cotton cap   Size: for head circumferences up to 60 cm long distance (front to back): approx. 21.5 cm short distance (ear to ear): approx. 19 cm weight: approx. 1.5 kg Detail..
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