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The "bacinetto" was a type of helmet of Italian origin used in medieval Europe (14th century). It is distinguished by the pointed shape, slightly tilted back, of the tile. Unlike the cervelliera, his archetype, the pelvis was equipped with a camaglio attached to the tile and not to be worn under the..
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Sword hilt with Spanish arms characterized by branched and curved hilt to the blade by way 'of corolla flowers. Double-edged blade rhomboid cross-section, very large under the Elso, narrows abruptly toward the tip, recorded for half its length. The hilt is brass-plated cast metal, with tapered han..
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BTW Hauberk, butted spring steel, natural finish - Battle-Ready - A hauberk is a long-sleeved, knee-length chain mail shirt. In Europe this mail armour was already used by Romans and Celts but continued up through the 14th century, when plate armour began to replace it. The shirt usually got ..
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Caligae Roman
Caligae Roman Mainz type. Leather sandals worn by Roman legionaries certainly until the end of the second century AD The upper part, made ​​from a single piece of leather, bandaged the whole upper part of the foot up to the ankle Materials: Leather brown, nailing iron. Available in all sizes (ma..
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Reproduction in wood and iron hand assembled by a catapult medieval war machine developed for the launch of large stones during the siege to fortresses. Its origins date back to classical antiquity. Fact already in the Hellenistic period and even in Roman art of the siege was developed substantially..
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chainmail with gorget and triangular mask - Suitable for combat performances - This product completely covers the shoulder and features an authentic square face cutout. In addition, the hood has a hinged triangular mouthguard to which a leather strap is sewn on the side. The mouthguard is ligh..
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Champagne Sword in Wooden Box Champagne Sword in Wooden Box
Champagne Sword in Wooden Box (French Napoleonic Briquet Sabre)A short-bladed sabre of French origin, the so-called briquet was introduced in the late 18th century and became one of the most popular infantry swords of the Napoleonic era.The briquet (French for flint stone, fire striker or fire light..
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Charles V Armor-Gold Finish-MartoAlthough the origin of combat armor dates back to the Egyptian period, developing with the Greeks and Romans, the most well-known medieval armor, formed of plates of steel or iron, bonded to each other by hooks and nuts and nails she holds the warrior. by means of st..
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Crossbow bullets act to throw small stones. Reduced-size version of the largest crossbow bullets used for hunting during the sixteenth century, was built primarily to be used by the ladies of the court. National Teniere wooden hardboard shaped with decorations in gold metal. The two strings of hemp ..
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Crusader Sword - SK-B Crusader Sword - SK-B
Crusader Sword with scabbard, practical blunt, SK-BReproduction of a high medieval single-handed sword with a characteristic disc-shaped pommel. This type of sword was already used by the Normans and established itself shortly thereafter during the Holy Crusades.This sword is exclusively hand-crafte..
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Cuirass Medieval Front & Back Plate Armor Cuirass Medieval Front & Back Plate Armor
The breastplate is the key part of the armor consists of the medieval chest and back or back to foils. This part of armor ensured optimum protection of the torso of the warrior. Milanese Cuirass, Historical reproduction of plate armour of the Middle Ages. Medieval Breastplate, complete, to prote..
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