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Arch Medieval Collection

Arch Medieval Collection
Arch Medieval Collection

The dominant type of arc in Europe during the Middle Ages was the short bow, a weapon used primarily for hunting and only secondarily for the war. For short arc means a weapon smaller than 165 cm, but without any particular standards to be met.

The building characteristics were derived from written sources and iconography, lacking almost entirely of specimens that have survived intact. The short bow was cut from a single wooden rod.

Essences were widely used rate, ash, wood on the particular flexibility and robustness. The medieval short arc cut from a single wooden rod Manaus. High around 60 "(150 cm), has a cord, composed of 14 wires, which allows a draw length of 28".

It is made of pieces that develop to pull a power ranging from 35 to 50 pounds

Two arrows in each room, long 30 "and made of wood with the tip like" bodkin "hand-forged iron. The medieval short arc is fully functional, as well as suitable to be used in archery competitions history.

About 150 cm high, 14 wire rope, power 35 to 50

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