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Fairy Tale Doll, Porcelain Fairy Tale Doll

Fairy Tale Doll,  Porcelain Fairy Tale Doll

Dolls Porcelain Fairy Tales - Dolls that reproduce porcelain storybook personages, fantasy characters: Pinocchio, Alice, Snow White, seven dwarfs, Pippi Longstocking, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Blue Fairy, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, bisque porcelain dolls certified Made in Italy. Art dolls, fantasy world of characters, collectible porcelain dolls with the best quality of porcelain bisque. The dolls, stars great stories, characters that refer to an enchanted world, which all once knew. This is the magic of this work, for its great capacity to dream returnp>

Peresonages available with painted eyes. Height: 9 cm. New construction...
Ex Tax:61.00€
The doll also available with glass eyes with a top price of 12 euros (specify nel'ordine under Notes). Height: 26 cm. New construction - Fall 2010...
Ex Tax:164.00€
Height 24 cm . Pinocchio - Dolls porcelain fairy tales..
Ex Tax:119.00€
Dolls porcelain fairy tales, painted soft wood effect boby. Height 54 cm  ..
Ex Tax:464.00€
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