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Barbute Helmet -Venetian Sallet

Barbute Helmet -Venetian Sallet

The Barbute Helmet is a medieval Italian helmet that appeared around the 14th century. This is an evolution of the Bassinet helmet without visor. The shape of the Barbute Helmet was designed to better resist blows. The Barbute Helmet is head armor, very similar to the armet, used in urban militias in Italy and Switzerland, between the 14th and 11th centuries. Protects the entire skull with a single block of metal, without additional components (visor).

Medieval Barbute helmet made by hand in fully endorsable carbon steel, used by heavy cavalry in the Middle Ages (thickness of your choice: 1.2 mm - 1,5 mm).

For maximum comfort, the helmet is equipped with interior trim (padded leather padding) and chin strap (chin strap).

This form of medieval Barbute Helmet is ideal for combat but also for medieval reenactment parades.

On request, it is possible to have the medieval Barbute Helmet in stainless steel with a supplement.

Medieval helmets underwent a lot of modifications during the Middle Ages, because in the Middle Ages the art of producing armor was very evolved, the various knights and nobles of the time had their own style in armor, such as if they were participating in a style competition in addition to participating in a military competition. It is for this reason that the medieval helmets section is so vast and rich in different styles. These medieval helmets are produced in Italy, faithful to the ancient artisan tradition of the Italian gunsmiths which, from the Middle Ages, has been passed from generation to generation to arrive to the present day. We are the only ones able to offer you a wide range of high quality medieval helmets from the functional point of view, to guarantee you maximum comfort and good protection during combat, an exceptional product from an artistic point of view at an attractive price since we do not use commercial intermediaries, with the addition of the possibility of customizing medieval helmets to your measure. Helmet characterized by a high level of finish. Completely Italian manufacturing.

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