Cask-Helmet with mask, Wearable Costume Armor

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Cask-Helmet with mask, formed by a rounded skull protection combined with a shaped iron plate that covers the entire face down to the mouth, where the eyeslits and the breathing holes has been also carved out. Typical of the first half of the XIIIth century, worn by the man at arms. Entirely made in handworked iron, equipped with leather belts to fasten it. Fully wearable.  Made entirely of iron, handmade with leather belts to be worn

Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 20 cm. Weight: 1,266 gr.

Made entirely of iron, handmade with nasal riveted to the front edge and leather belts to be worn.

Wearable helmet, customized size and thickness (1 mm - 1.2 mm - 1.5 mm, 2mm).


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