Basinet Helmet functional and wearable

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Basinet Helmet is functional and wearable.

Great reinforcement of the head, pelvis and face shield developed by eliminating the camaglio, extending the tile and providing the headgear of a barbozza fixed or rotating bands. The shapes of the latest examples are so broad as to allow the movement of the head inside. Used since the end of the fourteenth century until the first half of the sixteenth century. Made entirely of iron and handmade with leather straps to be worn.

Made of steel, hand-crafted by Italian artisans, with leather upholstery and straps inside to be worn.

Made entirely of steel, handmade and wearable. Made in Italy. Wearable helmet, customized size and thickness (1.2 mm - 1.5 mm - 1,8 mm).



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