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Medieval Horse Rider's helme "German", used in the first decades of the sixteenth century as head protection in the armor man of arms.

Medieval Horse Rider's helmet  "Milanese" in use in Italy in the fifteenth century as head protection in the armor man of arms.

Helmet Bascinet "Milanese" is used in the Italian style of the fifteenth century, as for head protection for men who wore armor. steel and handmade by Italian craftsmen, equipped with leather straps, portable. Dimensions: 30x31x35cm.

Medieval Horse Rider's helmet, Bascinet helmet, visor helmet for Knights 14-16th century., A visor helmet of Italian origin, with neck protection Typical helmet European knight of the sixteenth century, worn by knights, usually in combination with full armor.

The visor can be flipped. Helmet made ​​completely of steel by Italian craftsmen, are worn with headset and leather straps.

Portable helmet, customizable in size and thickness (1 mm - 1.2 mm - 1.5 mm).

All of our medieval helmets are made ​​of steel fully functional and can be customized in size and thickness. We are a world leader in the manufacture and sale of medieval helmets.

All our reproductions of medieval armor and the Medieval Horse Rider's helmets Bascinet are faithful reproductions of the historic medieval armor for battle, can be used for special occasions, historical reenactment, worn around compose your armor ideal. They are handmade, and adapt to different sizes, with externally adjustable leather straps with buckles, can be custom made. Armor crafted from forged steel sheets without modern processing methods, such as the fold and polishing, the thickness can be selected among the following measures. 1,2 - 1,5 - 2,0 mm..

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