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Hospitallers Cloak

Hospitallers Cloak
Hospitallers Cloak
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Hospitallers Cloak
Hospitallers Cloak
Hospitallers Cloak

Hospitallers Cloak 

The Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem (Latin name: Ordo Hospitalis sancti Johannis Ierosolimitani or also the Knightly Order of St. John of the Hospital in Jerusalem) were called Hospitallers. This knightly order was founded after the conquest of Jerusalem by the army of the First Crusade in 1099. The knights of this order were also known as Hospitallers. In 1306, after the fall of the crusader states, the order first moved to Rhodes, and then finally to Malta in 1530. Today this order is therefore called the Order of Malta.

Cloaks were worn over armor by many Crusaders, often in combination with the matching tunic. Of course, the cross that showed the knight to fight for the liberation of Jerusalem should catch the eye.

These Ulfberth capes have a very wide cut. No savings were made on the material and the entire cape has an inner lining. Cut and material are made very authentically according to historical models. It is a one-size-fits-all that actually fits everyone or can be easily shortened.

The fibula shown is not included in the scope of delivery.


- Length: approx. 143 cm

- Length of the hood: approx. 60 cm

- Weight: about 2.3kg

- Colour: black with the typical white Johanniter cross

- Upper: 100% wool

- Lining: 100% cotton

- Care recommendation: Hand wash only, cold!

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