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Hand and a half sword SK-C

Hand and a half sword SK-C
Hand and a half sword SK-C

Hand and a half sword, for light show combat, SK-C

The blade of this beautiful sword is made of high-quality carbon steel, forged through to the pommel and double-bolted at the end of the handle. The grip has a blue leather wrapping. Hand-forged carbon steel crossguard.

This sword is ideal for beginners and light fencing practice.

Without warranty!


- Show fight quality class: SK-C

- Learn more about our exhibition match classification

- Total length: approx. 103 cm

- Handle length: approx. 17.0 cm

- Blade length: approx. 76 cm

- Weight: about 2.4kg

- maximum blade width: approx. 6 cm

- Impact edge: approx. 3 mm

- Sword point: approx. 9.5 cm (measured from the crossguard)

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