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Medieval dagger SK-C

Medieval dagger SK-C
Medieval dagger SK-C
Medieval dagger SK-C
Medieval dagger SK-C
Medieval dagger SK-C

Medieval dagger for light combat, incl. scabbard, SK-C

Medieval disc pommel daggers of this type were mostly used by horseless soldiers and archers as a secondary weapon.

The blade of our battle-ready replica is forged from spring steel and goes through to the pommel, where it is invisibly screwed.

The handle is wrapped in leather and braided wire. The dagger has a solid crossguard and an octagonal pommel made of forgeable cast iron.

The blade is hardened in oil to approx. 48 HRC. The blade edge is not sharpened.

The dagger has a deep, quite long fuller. The tip is rounded. A matching, leather-covered wooden scabbard with chape is included.


- Show fight quality class: SK-C

   Find out more about our exhibition fight classification

- Blade material: EN45 spring steel, oil-hardened

- Rockwell hardness of the blade: approx. 48 HRC

- Total length: approx. 44.5 cm

- Blade length: approx. 29.0 cm

- Max. blade width: approx. 31 mm

- Includes wooden and leather sheath

- Exhibition version, the regular version is also available (item no. 0216325718)

- Weight (without scabbard): approx. 540 g

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