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The Barbute helmet is a 14th century helmet (called Barbuta in Italian or Italian salad) is a war helmet. It is a heavy helmet to protect the head that is often reinforced by a crest on the top: it is an evolution of the cradle. It is mainly used by pedestrians although it could be used by light cav..
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Medieval Finger Gauntlets
Knobs to separate fingers and wrist articulated mannequin with typical manufacturing Armorari Spanish of the sixteenth century. Entirely made of polished steel. Producer: Marto Toledo Total length of 40 cm a glove...
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Pure wool garment with long sleeves and white coat with red cross sewn on the chest and left shoulder. Provided with a leather belt. The same material are also straps and finishings. The Templars were the white robes of the Cistercian monks following the adoption of their rule, while the cross was o..
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Shield of Robert Bruce, made of wood, paintedThe medieval shield we offer here shows a crimson lion in an upright position (so-called lion rampant) on a yellow background - the coat of arms of Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329), also known as Robert Bruce or Robert the Bruce. In 1314, after years of f..
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Support from the wall to shield and two swords, weight 300 gr. size. 38 x 42 cm...
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Templar helmet cylinder Templar helmet cylinder
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Cylindrical-conical helmet, amongst the first models realized for the full protection of the head between the end of the XIIth and the beginning of the XIIIth century. Used by the heavy cavalry, usually worn over a mail coif. Composed by an enveloping skull piece with a flat top and by a fixed visor..
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The Barbute Helmet, also known as the 15th century Italian Salad, attached to the head and marked by a midrib between the hairline and the nape of the neck. Open Face U, which leaves the face exposed. The Barbute Helmet is a war helmet and can be considered a specialized form of the Bassinet helmet...
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Medieval shield with the end of three points and reinforced with rivets at the edge of ornament. From wield. Made entirely by hand and brushed wrought iron. It had structure, size and shape varied according to use and also for varied local preferences. Medieval shield with a three-pointed top and..
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Templar Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor Templar Helmet - Wearable Costume Armor
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Great helmet, so called because it provided complete protection of the head. This particular version that has the pointed arches and tile dating from the first half of the fourteenth century.   Used by heavy cavalry, usually worn over the cuff. Coppo cone-shaped pavilion with wraparou..
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The Barbute Helmet is an evolution of the bassinet. It is mostly used by pedestrians although it could be used by light cavalry officers because it allowed good visibility and ventilation. Helmet use in urban militias in Italy and Switzerland, between the fourteenth and eleventh centuries. Protects ..
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