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Great bag in trunk Great bag in trunk
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Wooden box shaped like a boot made entirely of wood handmade. Equipped with hinged lockable iron. Adorned with brass-plated metal studs. Size 10 x 22 x 10 cm.  ..
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Templar dagger Templar dagger
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Medieval Templar dagger including scabbard, blunt bladeThis beautiful medieval dagger has a spring steel blade that is forged right through to the pommel. The striking edges are not sharpened and the tip is rounded.The straight crossguard is made of steel and the leather-wrapped grip ends with a str..
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Medieval two-handed sword SK-B Medieval two-handed sword SK-B
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Late medieval longsword with scabbard, 15th century - National Museum Zurich, SwitzerlandSuitable for show fights, SK-BThis beautiful two-handed sword is a replica of a late medieval longsword from around 1450-1460, classified as Type XVa according to the Oakeshott typology and can be admired in the..
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