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Burgonet Helmet, used in armor riding a horse, as well as in corselet infantryman on foot during the sixteenth century. Helmet made entirely of iron, handmade with brass-plated metal inserts and wearable...
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Norman Nasal Helmet (an only skull protection) with noseguard, in use between the Xth-XIIIth century, best known as Norman because worn by that people on every european battlefield. Entirely made in handworked iron, provided with a noseguard riveted to the forehead and with leather strings to fasten..
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Circle Shield, take portable shield, circular and convex profile, for use from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century, presents externally pitted and central patron.13th century northern Italy. Made entirely by hand in wrought iron. Wheels are always associated with ceremonial armor, there are rare..
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Conan the Barbarian Warrior Shield
Reproduction of the shield of Conan the Cimmerian, a barbarian warrior who lived during the Hyborian era, the protagonist of the tales of Robert E. Howards. Shield metal circular and convex profile, decorated with tungsten and copper-colored geometric designs in black, gold and red. The central part..
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Armor of the skull derived from the ability to round profile, provided with a ridge segment of a circle with a tight little boat. Used by the infantry in Europe in the second decade of the sixteenth century and the first decade of the next century, particularly from the Spanish that the exports in t..
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Medieval armor, ornamental suit of armor that reproduces a typical "italian-style" model of the XVth-XVIth century, recognizable from the plain surface's patches. This armor is characterized by a cavalry helmet dating back to the first half of the XVIth century equipped with a mobile aventail with v..
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Great helmet at the Venetian version of the great hidden characterized by the presence of pillows in Bavaria stopped by a stick, as well as a visor down. Contemporary form of the helmet as a man of arms in use mainly in the Venetian colonies of the Aegean and the Mediterranean in the fifteenth c..
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Desk suit-of-armour (dark finish) - Miniature Armor for sale. Armor plate iron table entirely crafted by hand, fitted with a shield and halberd and shaped wooden base that acts as a pedestal. Version with a dark finish. Total height 54 cm.    ..
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Gothic Sallet Helmet
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The Gothic Sallet Helmet use in the field of heavy cavalry and Germanic Burgundian in the Late Middle Ages. Helmet that protects the head and neck, with a face mask of the bearer, a section lobata. Sallet helmet that leaves uncovered the jaw it needed another element of said armor Bevor.  ..
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Desk suit of armour made in entirely handworked iron sheets, equipped with shield and halberd and provided with a base in shaped wood that works as a pedestal. Light finish model. Overall height 54 cms...
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Desk Stand helmet. Made entirely of wood, handmade and painted with dark stain. Suitable for helmet display any proposed hereafter. Dimensions: 44x22x22 cm. Wooden handmade..
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Byzantine Helmets played according to iconographic sources, these 10th century helmets, many Roman without cheekpieces, forged from a single piece of steel cap slightly rounded, but conical. These Byzantine helmets ending down, above the eyes and ears, with a straight line; have the particularity of..
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