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Frog-mouth Helm, type of great helm, open field characterized by the peak in the middle and angled protruding height of the slit eyes in order to provide a slippery surface to launch the opponent. Used in tournaments just before the middle of the fifteenth century to the third decade of the '500..
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Austrian Armour Cuirass
Brand: Avalon Shop
Austrian Armour Cuirass of the Napoleonic era armor worn by heavy cavalry regiments of the Austrian in the top of this specialty to be trained in Europe. Cuirassiers The Austrians were known for their discipline and ability to fight on horseback. Entirely hand made in burnished steel and brass-pla..
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Envelopes cuirassier French
Brand: Avalon Shop
Bust from the Napoleonic era battleships of the order made for the twelve regiments of heavy cavalry in this discipline, the pride of the French army since 1804 and that two others were added between 1808 and 1810. Entirely hand-made steel and wearable...
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Viking Long Seax Viking Long Seax
Brand: Avalon Shop
Viking Long Seax, Peterson Type G, with Leather ScabbardOwing to its overall length of 82 cm, this Viking Age sax knife or scramasax is rather to be classified as a sword. It features a single-edged, blunt EN45 spring steel blade with a thick spine and a pointed tip. The blade’s full tang is sturdil..
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Great bag in trunk Great bag in trunk
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Brand: Avalon Shop
Wooden box shaped like a boot made entirely of wood handmade. Equipped with hinged lockable iron. Adorned with brass-plated metal studs. Size 10 x 22 x 10 cm.  ..
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