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Boots XIV / XV century. Double sole
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Period: XV century style. - Source: From an original half of 1400 kept the London Museum. Made entirely by hand using medieval techniques. Materials: Leather, leather Notes: Available in all sizes (custom). With double stitched to the sole welt. For welt means strip of leather sewn a..
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Boots Zwammerdam
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Boots Calcei type Zwammerdam the period: III-IV century. - Sources: From an original of the III-IV century. Zwammerdam myself. - Manufactured entirely by hand using medieval techniques. - Materials: Skin , leather, with nailing in iron. - Notes: Available in all sizes (custom)...
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Long ceremonial sword blade, double wire section and diamond carved half of its length. The hilt is brass-plated metal with tapered handle and knob to five lobes chiseled honeycomb, while the guard's arms are wrapped up in a spiral, ending in small ivy leaves. Total length 124 cm.  ..
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The breastplate is the key part of the armor consists of the medieval chest and back or back to foils. This part of armor ensured optimum protection of the torso of the warrior. Milanese Cuirass, Historical reproduction of plate armour of the Middle Ages. Medieval Breastplate, complete, to prote..
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Ceremony consists of a double ax handle and a head turned wood, cast metal double crescent decorated with carvings in relief. Total length 71 cm...
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Wooden box shaped like a boot made entirely of wood handmade. Equipped with hinged lockable iron. Adorned with brass-plated metal studs. Size 10 x 22 x 10 cm.  ..
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Hauberk, butted, ID 8mm, zinc-plated This mesh of this chain mail consists of round, unriveted rings. The surface of the rings is blackened and offers a quite good protection against corrosion. We call this particular mesh BMSZ (nach engl. Butted Mild Steel Zinc-plated).This high-quality and handma..
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Heraldry is the science of heraldry, that is the study of coats of arms, their rules, their symbolism. Born at the end of the eleventh century for purely military requirements, the use of arms has been greatly developed during the twelfth century, to become phenomenon. Not only do not care aristocra..
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Classically shaped iron cap, between the 11th and 14th centuries, the cap is rounded and its edge particularly wide, as it was common to wear in the Middle Ages since it provided good protection against blows from above. The Iron Chapel did not interfere with sight or breathing, which is why horseme..
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Armor arms are building blocks of medieval armor for soldiers, allowing them to fold it for combat. The pieces of armor are connected to each other by riveted straps.Medieval armor arm includes forearm barrel, elbow pad, arm barrel.All our historical reproductions of medieval armor weapons are hand ..
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Medieval Armor Italian | Knights Armor
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Medieval Armor consists of a large pelvis open field, with a ridge tile sleeve top. The shape of the visor is angled at the middle height of the cracks and protruding eyes, with 15 air vents placed at the rectangle. Ruff collar, rounded chest, and left with bracelet washer connected to the needl..
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