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Ring collar, 15th centuryproduced by hand.Production time: 10 working daysRing collar, 15th century Ring collar, 15th centuryRing collarThe ring collar or armored collar is the connecting element between the torso and the armor for the head.Leather straps with bucklesMaterial: steel, leather straps,..
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Arch medieval small double curvature of eastern origin, but used in all European countries. At the center is equipped with a quiver portafrecce. Made of wood and handle reinforced with hemp cloth. Arc simple or uniform, because it was built by a strip of a single material. The reinforcement of this ..
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Medieval shield smooth the edges with reinforced rivets ornament. From wield. Made entirely by hand and brushed wrought iron. weight: 2.068 gr. Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 8 cm..
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Medieval-style swords made from cast metal adorned with symbols characteristic of the Knights Templar (1118-1314): on the pommel discoid depicts the seal of the Order (two knights on the same saddle), while the intersection of the arms is hilt depicts a cross license. Other figures in relief decorat..
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Templar Cross has been reproduced as a result of detailed historical research that ensure the fidelity iconography. Among the best known and most popular symbols of the Knights Templar, there was cross-license (or croix Pattee), or the cross arms that spread the same on the outside Brooch by Templa..
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Templar Cross Ring
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Templar Cross Ring in Silver has been reproduced as a result of detailed historical research that ensures the fidelity illustrations. Wear it and you also become part of the Templar Order.Sterling silver: 925...
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Three-head flail
Scale reproduction of a three-headed flail used by warriors mounted on horseback. Blunt weapon very effective during melee fights, in use between the XIIth and XVth centuries mainly in central Europe. Handle made in hardwood with a shaped grip. To the upper tip are fixed three metal chains linked to..
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Templar shield in painted metal, triangular in shape.shield used in the Middle Ages, the use of this shield was mainly between the ninth and eleventh centuries.perfect for historical re-enactments and for combatweight: 2000 gr Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 8 cm Completely Italian manufacture...
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Crossbow, also known as crossbow pistol by the characteristic teniere that arches behind the shooting of walnut. Given insidious weapon, because it could easily be concealed in his clothes, was banned as early as the second half of the 500. Teniere National hardboard wood with carving and floral..
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Simple arc of eastern origin, used in particular in the countries of the Mediterranean, characterized by the limbs. Built entirely of wood was used mainly for hunting and occasionally at war. Comes complete with two sharpened wooden arrows with tail fins made from natural feathers and placed in a qu..
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Reproduction hand assembled in wood and cast metal burnished a medieval siege ram mounted on fixed structure. The function of the air was to tear down walls and doors operated by hand by soldiers employees. Was built with logs of wood usually slaughtered and processed on the spot which was sometimes..
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