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Wall armour medieval

Wall armour medieval
Wall armour medieval

Medieval wall armor composed of the following parts:

1- Elmo bacinetto, manually closed helmet in fully wearable carbon steel, used in heavy cavalry in the late Middle Ages (thickness: 1 mm -1.2 mm). We offer a series of knight helmets, they are helmets with a visor, these particular models of the basin have a double visor and a barbelt hinged on both sides by leather straps and buckles, then removable. When the helmet is worn, the visors cover the whole face, the first visor has slits for the eyes, while the second visor is provided with ventilation holes. This design is ideal for combat but also for medieval re-enactment parades.

2- Barbozza included in the helmet to protect the chin and throat.

3- Armor part of the medieval armor to protect the torso and back, consisting of the breast and back armor. The armor is made on your measurements to indicate in order (chest circumference at the level of the breast, total height and weight).

4- Shoulder straps to protect the shoulders, this part of the armor covers the shoulders, the shoulder straps are anchored to the shell by interlocking and leather straps.

5- Arm Armor Armor, consisting of three parts: the upper cannon (forearm protection), the cubitery (elbow protection) with side wing and lower cannon. They are articulated with each other through hinged plates, arched and fixed by sliding rivets. Choice of four models of arms, Art: B001- B002 - B003 - B004.

9- iron structure to be fixed to the wall

Size 125 x 85 x 43 cm - weight 15 kg.

Made of hand-worked and fully wearable steel, it is provided with a steel support.

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