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Great bascinet helmet

Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet
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Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet
Great bascinet helmet

The "bacinetto" was a type of helmet of Italian origin used in medieval Europe (14th century). It is distinguished by the pointed shape, slightly tilted back, of the tile.

Unlike the cervelliera, his archetype, the bascinet was equipped with a chain mail attached to the tile and not to be worn under the helmet. Thanks to the massive diffusion, the artifact was enriched with additional parts for the protection of the face: first nasal and then armored visors. At the beginning of the 15th century, it was reinforced by replacing the camaglio with a metal plate ruff.

This medieval bascinet is a helmet that protects the entire head, the neck protected by a chain mail, a piece of chain mail that falls on the neck and shoulders; The chain mail was attached to a leather strap held on the lower edge of the pelvis by a series of staples (vervelle).

The Bascinet Helmet was the most commonly used type of helmet during the Hundred Years War.

It was supplanted in the fifteenth century by the celata and the bigoncia.

The Bascinet Helmet appears in Italy at the turn of the thirteenth century. The word "bazineto" appears in a Paduan document dated 1281 to describe a type of helmet used by the city infantry. It was originally an evolution of the brain, from which it is distinguished by the pointed tile, which was quickly used to replace the too bulky large helmet.

At the base of the evolution there was, perhaps, the influence on the work of the Italian armorari of oriental helmet models: Byzantine or Turkish.

A metal tile with a pointed top facing backwards, descending on the cheeks and nape of the wearer. By means of a row of small holes on the edges, an internal padding was fixed to the tile, in order to make the object not only more comfortable, but also more suitable for absorbing the impacts inflicted on it.

For maximum comfort, the helmet is equipped with an inner lining (padded leather padding) and chin strap (chin strap).

This medieval helmet is ideal for medieval reenactment parades but also combat or buhurt.

On request it is possible to have the helmet in stainless steel, with a supplement.

Medieval helmets underwent many changes during the Middle Ages, because in the Middle Ages the art of making armor was very evolved, the various knights and nobles of the time had their own style in the armor, as if they were participating in a style competition as well as participating to a military competition. It is for this reason that the medieval helmet section is so vast and rich in different styles. These medieval helmets are produced in Italy, faithful to the ancient artisan tradition of Italian gunsmiths which, from the Middle Ages, has been handed down from generation to generation to reach the present day. We are the only ones able to offer you a wide range of high quality medieval helmets from a functional point of view, to guarantee you maximum comfort and good protection during combat, an exceptional product from an artistic point of view at an attractive price since we do not use commercial intermediaries, with the addition of the possibility of customizing medieval helmets to your size.

Wearable helmet, customizable in size and thickness: (1mm - 1.2mm - 1.5mm - 2mm).

Our helmets are made by expert Italian blacksmiths and craftsmen, who have handed down this work for generations.

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