Medieval Combat Armor Sabatons

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Series of sabatons medieval articulated independent and complete. The protection of the foot is as important as the rest of the body.

Medieval Sabatons made ​​entirely by hand from a sheet of steel of thickness between 1.2 and 2 mm, "brushed steel".

During the Middle Ages were adopted various forms of shoes for articulated armor according to the fashion of the time.

Among the various model are:

- Sabatons to "snout the ox" composed of steel plates articulated to each other and shaped tip with rectangular

- Sabatons articulated-blade "duck bill" proper to man-at-arms of the fifteenth century, with round toe.

- Sabatons Gothic, composed of steel plates articulated to each other corked, presented at the end a defensive element in the form of a spike, a large lamina cuspidata.

This element took over the defensive line of the shoe long pointed, the poulaine, typical French fashion of the time. Entirely made of steel and handmade wearable

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