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Medieval combat camail- 8mm rings

Medieval combat camail- 8mm rings

Entirely made of 8mm flat rings, this camail can be worn alone, on a head wedge intended to absorb impacts, or under a metal helmet.

Knitted cap, full protection of the head, which frees a large part of the face and falls over his shoulders.

It was less a first with the hauberk, then they parted ways in the thirteenth century. In this separate version remained in use until 300.

Made up of a mixture of galvanized stainless steel rings that form a kind of metal mesh. This version is often completed with a basin or a hat in the arms.

Medieval combat coif.


- Diameter of the inner ring: 8 mm

- 1.6 mm rings

- Weight: approx. 3 kg

- Size: up to 61-62 cm head

- Material: Coil in galvanized stainless steel (Finish: zinc plated).

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