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WizardŽs HatA hat, as it fits only a magician or wizard!It is light, protects against too much sun, has an quaint look and gives its wearer a unique silhouette!Details:- Material: 69% wool, 19% polyester, 7% nylon, 5% acrylic- Weight: ca. 0,3 kg- Size: uniShipping weight: 0.50 kg..
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Crusader Helm - Medieval Flat Stamp Helm, Crusader Helmet of the 13th-14th century typical in Europe, has a cylindrical shape, is composed of a metal plate, on the top is riveted an ovoid disc, Helmet worn by men of 'weapons usually in combination with full armorFacial Medieval Crusader Helm with th..
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Templar Helm medieval combat helmets that provide full head protection, worn by men-at-arms usually in combination with full armour.Templar helmet typical in Europe of the 13th-14th century, has a cylindrical shape, is made of a metal plate, on top is riveted an ovoid disc.The Templar Helm Helmet is..
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Medieval Knight Armor, Medieval Italian Armor Medieval Knight Armor, Medieval Italian Armor
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Medieval Knight Armor consists of a helmet with horse tile spheroid at low ridge. Fans raised on the nose, docked on the right. Vents. View prominent forehead, cracked eye backward, rivets and coietto insurance. By ruff collar, chest to foot in envelopes, without remains, ribbed neck in the middle t..
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The jewels of this line are made from reproductions of real leaves or other natural materials subsequently rendered in silver 925. They are made, finished and hand painted with enamels. Code: TE5009..
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The Norman Conical to Nasal Helmet from the 11th century, "Norman" type conical helmet bordered on the outside in leather developed in northern Europe in the Middle Ages.Norman helmet made manually in carbon steel completely endorsable, used by heavy cavalry in the Middle Ages period (thickness of y..
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Norman Helmet IXth XIIth centuries, protection of the skull only with the nasals, in use between the X-XIII, better known as Norman because it has been brought to light on battlefields across Europe.Norman helmet with Nasal made manually in carbon steel completely endorsable, used by the heavy caval..
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Viking Helmet is a head armor, Viking Helmet in thick riveted and rimmed steel with face and neck protection.This is a good armor helmet, Steel mask viking helmet. Its design is based on the Medieval Viking Helmet and is hand hammered steel, cold rolled 1.2 - 1.5 - 2mm (choice of thickness). It is s..
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Medieval combat helmet with mesh neck. This other combat helmet is characterized by the presence of a long chainmail neckline, falling over the shoulders. This is also a model from the early Middle Ages. Helmet (skull protection only) with the nasals in use between the X-XIII, better known as the No..
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Large conical helm full head protection helmet, used by heavy cavalry. This reproduction has the most aesthetic brass decoration. The conical nasal helmet, at the end of the 12th century, was replaced by the helmet.Helmet Medieval helm made by hand in fully endorsable carbon steel, used by heav..
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Viking helmet called from Gjermundbu, with a metal mask to protect the eyes and nose, completely in steel, handmade with the application of a mesh neck strap, adjustable leather cap to improve comfort, in addition to all metal parts are covered internally in leather.Helmet of Nordic origin, 10th cen..
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