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Norse Dragon Helmet Norse Dragon Helmet
Norse Dragon HelmetThe Norse Dragon Helmet corresponds to a typical nasal helmet, with a helmet bowl in a half-shell shape, the characteristic nose guard and additional cheek pieces. Front, crest and cheek pieces are decorated with brass-coloured knot elements.Details:- Suitable for a head circumfer..
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Viking Spectical Helmet, with aventail, 2mm steel-prepared for battle-This helmet is based on similar Viking originals found in Gjemundbu, Norway and dated beyond the 10th century.The helmet features a comfortable leather inlay, a knotted chin strap and an attached aventail made of galvanized steel ..
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Viking helmet with chainmail aventail, 1.6 mm steelTypical helmet shape with nasal protection and chain maille aventail for protection of neck and shoulder.Manufacted from elaborately worked and riveted steel.Delivery includes size adjustable leather lining as well as chin strap.Details:- one size f..
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Medieval Cuirass
The robust and practical chest is particularly suitable for parades and outdoor events thanks to the beautiful sheen. Size 49x40 cm...
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Norman spangen helmet with face plate, 1.6 mm steel- battle ready-This is a fully battle-ready helmet in the style of a norman spangenhelm from approx. 1180 a.d.It is made from 1.6 mm to 3.2 mm steel.The two helmet halves are welded together.The metal strips that form the framework of the helm (Span..
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Coppergate Helmet with riveted aventail Coppergate Helmet with riveted aventail
Coppergate Helmet with riveted aventailbattle-readyThis battle-ready replica follows an original of an Anglo-Saxon helmet found near York, England in 1983, called the Coppergate helmet.It originates from the 8th century and is of great archeological significance, since so few helmets were found in t..
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Spangenhelmet with cheek guards and aventail, 2 mm steel- battle ready-This is a battle-ready replica of a Viking Spangenhelmet from the 9th century.The helmet is made of 2 mm thick steel. The four parts of the helmet shell are welded and riveted.This processing and the overlap of the individual cli..
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Helmet Beowulf Helmet Beowulf
Spectical Helmet Beowulf with cheek guards and aventailBeautiful spectical helmet in style of early medieval times, as it has been worn by Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. It is featured with brass fittings and is completed with an aventail from butted chain mail and two cheek guards.Suits well for LARP, t..
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