Medieval Protection of the Legs

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Protection of the legs, the armor consisting of steel slats on leather. The part to the knee cap is made of steel with a choice between two models A and B, The price is for the pair Equipped with leather straps to be worn. Made entirely of steel and leather, handmade. Price for the pair. Wearable.

The slats are only external, thickness 2mm.

The leather is thick (2.5 mm for thickness greater than 3mm leather premium about 30%).

Standard measures Protections Legs are good for a total height ranging from 170 to 185 cm, but can also be produced on custom measurements.

Standard sizes:

- Total length of protection: 70 cm.

- The part above: 32 cm (measurement to the center of the knee)

- The part below: 38 cm (measurement to the center of the knee)








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