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Fairies and witches

Fairies and witches

Porcelain Fairies and witches for sale.

The fairies in this line are exclusive (every fairy, witch is unique). Original and exclusive line of characters representing the world of enchantment: fairies, witches, gnomes, elves elves. Handcrafted porcelain bisque.

Monoscitto Fairy: If you want to have the attention and all the luck that will give you your Fairy or witche good (unique), you must observe certain rules of magic that will help you to have a very special relationship with your little friend . Give it a name that starts with your initial, possibly to be of natural origin such as a fruit, a flower, herb, a plant, a planet or a star addiritura, everything came from Mother Nature to them is welcome. Baptize them now, with three drops of your personal perfume, by doing so will strengthen the ties that bind you from now on only the enchantment that only a good Fairy Streghetta can give you. Entrusted to a dream, waiting and who knows ... if something can happen. And finally, remember: A legend says that a desire expressed in a night of full moon come true by making a fairy or a witch at the window ...


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