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Ancient Rome

Vindonissa  Pugio with silver inlay Vindonissa  Pugio with silver inlay
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Vindonissa  Pugio with silver inlayA beautiful reconstruction of a Roman dagger, designed very artistically and with great craftsmanship.Both the riveted grip plates and the front plate of the scabbard are very elaborately decorated with silver inlay. The scabbard is made of wood, covered in le..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Muscular armor of Greek origin in use by the mid-sixth century BC the high cost of implementation restricted its use to the wealthy warriors, but its popularity remained constant until Roman times where the same model was adopted by senior officers. (the helmet is not included in the price) It lends..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Hoplomachus Gladiators Helmet was one of the categories gladiator heavier. Fought with a spear and a short sword (the sword). His defense consisted of a small shield, greaves his legs, a sleeve to protect the right arm and the helmet which fully covers the head. The crest, in contrast to that of the..
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Imperial Gallic helmet Imperial Gallic helmet
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Helmet Imperial.  Authentic replica based on a 1st century a.d. helmet found in Drusenheim (Alsace), Germany.   Size: for head circumferences up to 61 cm long distance (front to back): approx. 21.5 cm short distance (ear to ear): approx. 19,5 cm weig..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Shoulder protection worn over the shoulder but also capable of protecting the neck and head from blows coming from this area during combat.In use among gladiators, in particular, it represented the only protection afforded to the Retiarius, a category of light gladiators who otherwise were only dres..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Shield of King Edward I, made of wood, paintedThe medieval shield that we offer here shows the royal coat of arms of England as it was used by the English monarchs in the High Middle Ages over a period of around 170 years (with brief interruptions). It consists of three identical, striding lions - s..
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Republican scutum - Roman Shield Republican
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Republican scutum - Roman Shield Republican. Reconstruction of a typical Shield of the Roman Republican, made of wood with umbo (boss) and hand-painted linen cover. The back side is reinforced with narrow wooden slats. There is a handle for carrying inside the boss. The original was found near M..
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Roman costume Roman costume
Brand: Ancient Rome
Costume includes Roman. 1) red shirt with blue stripes. (79 eur) 2) brown coat with a hood. (89 eur) 3) Roman Braghe knee. (65 eur..
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Roman Gladius
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Roman Gladius steel blade with two wire and reinforced toes, large apple-shaped or spheroid bilenticolare on anatomic handle, formed by a cylinder with four depressions for accommodating fingers (made of cast metal). Complete with scabbard suspension of eastern origin, ie with two rings on eithe..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Greek leather apron beltApron belt with metal ornaments. It can be closed with a belt loop.Details- colour: black- with metal ornaments- length: approx. 132 cm- 1.8mm -2.2mm leather- weight: approx. 1.7 kg- colour: black- with metal brass ornaments- length: approx. 132 cm- 1.8mm -2.2mm leather- weig..
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Brand: Ancient Rome
Corinthian type helmet greek-fifth century BC, with the ridge, and nasal paragnatidi fixed. Widespread in southern Italy after the importance of locally recruited from Greek colonies. The title "Royal" is used here to denote the rich decoration of this particular model. Made entirely of hand wroug..
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