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Roman Helmets

Roman Helmets
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Helm Auxiliary Cavalry A Helm Auxiliary Cavalry A
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Helm Auxiliary Cavalry AAt the beginning of the Roman Empire, this new type of helmet appeared for the cavalry.This reconstruction is based on finds of a helmet shell in Northwich (in Cheshire/UK) and cheekpieces (Gloucester).This replica has beautiful hallmarks, probably of a "curly head".The decor..
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Imperial Gallic face helmetWith hood and leather strap.The face flap is lined with leather from the inside and can be opened.Details:- Size: suitable for a head circumference of up to 62 cm- Long inner distance (back of head to forehead): approx. 22.5 cm- Short inner distance (ear-ear): approx. 20 c..
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Imperial Gallic helmet -G- WeisenauFaithful reconstruction of an Imperial-Gallic helmet, the original was found near Weisenau, Germany.Roman helmet with longitudinal or transversal metal or wood crest; The crest is available in two colors: red and white/yellow.Together with the helmet we ..
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Authentic late Roman Centurion  (Intercisa IV), replica based on a 3rd century a.d. helmet found in intercisa, Hungary. This replica of a late Roman helmet is based on an original found near Intercisa, Hungary. This type of helmet were common from the end of the 3rd century to the end..
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Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic Roman Helmet - Imperial Gallic
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Roman helmet type "Imperial Gallic". The original came from Germany and dates from the mid first century AD This helmet is designed in the style of a Roman legionnaire helmet.It is ideal for LARP, theatre and costuming.   Delivery includes a padded cotton cap.   Suitabl..
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Roman helmet Berkasovo Roman helmet Berkasovo
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Late Roman magnificent helmet from BerkasovoFollowing the usual helmet shape of the late imperial period, the find from Berkasovo (today Serbia) differs in its extremely rich decoration with precious stones, as well as gold and silver applications.The many elements explain its heavy weight: more tha..
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Roman officer's helmet Centurio Roman officer's helmet Centurio
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Roman officer's helmet Centurio.Replica in the style of a Roman centurion helmet with crest.Ideal for LARP, theater and costuming.Includes a padded cotton inner cap.Details:- Material: approx. 1.2 mm steel- Suitable for a head circumference of up to 61 cm.- Long inner distance (back of head to foreh..
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Republican roman helmet Montefortino
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Brass Republican Montefortino A4th - 3rd century BC.Includes a padded cotton inner cap.Details:- Suitable for a head circumference of up to 60 cm.- Long inner distance (back of head to forehead): approx. 21 cm- Short inner distance (ear-ear): approx. 18.5 cm- Weight: about 1.4kg..
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Ribchester cavalry helmet Ribchester cavalry helmet
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Ribchester cavalry helmet, brass and steelThis replica is based on the cavalry sports helmet found at Ribchester (Lancashire), UK.The original is now on display in the British Museum, London.The beautiful embossed work on the helmet shell shows the sporting training exercises of soldiers.Details:- S..
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Roman helmet type "Imperial Gallic" half of the first century AD, surmounted by a crest of horsehair placed on a red crest, set screw longitudinally in a hole in the tile, the distinctive tiered ranks as the Optio. Paragnatidi furniture with studs and neck roll down. Made entirely of iron with d..
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Roman Praetorian helmet Roman Praetorian helmet
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Ceremonial helmet of the Roman Praetorian Guard, brassForerunners of the Roman Praetorian Guard (the Praetorians for short) were introduced as early as the Republican era.The troops were later increased and expanded by the Roman emperors.The praetorians served the emperors as security guards and bod..
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Deurne Roman helmet Deurne Roman helmet
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Deurne helmetVery elaborate reconstruction of a late Roman cavalry helmet that was found during excavations near Deurne, Holland.The rich decorations suggest that the wearer was a very high-ranking officer.A Roman coin found next to the helmet bears the year 319, so the helmet most likely dates from..
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