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Medieval Letter Opener

Medieval Letter Opener, reproductions of daggers with providing diversified local types.

Letter opener with steel blade and cast metal hilt with brass pommel and hilt by the various forms.

Brand: Marto
Miniature replica of Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur of Britain, donated to the king, according to legend, Lady of the Lake from the cutter blade has a steel and cast metal hilt. Total length 29 cm.  ..
Ex Tax:26.00€
Brand: Avalon Shop
September opener with five halberds miniature wooden handle and iron heads of different shapes. Fitted cradle iron. Dimensions 30 x 33 cm.  ..
Ex Tax:32.70€
Brand: Avalon Shop
September cutter comprising a wooden base shaped and painted in black on three daggers faced with steel blade and features elaborate cast metal, miniature reproduction of so-called Medieval Mercy. The name derives from the use that was made of these weapons, that is to give the final blow to the ene..
Ex Tax:19.50€
Letter opener of the "Replica miniature swords" series depicting a typical Roman Gladius from the period from the 2nd century BC. in the middle of the 1st century ADSteel blade and brass-cast metal hilt.Total length 25 cm...
Ex Tax:15.00€
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